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We produce critical materials for a clean energy future.

What we can’t grow or recycle, we have to mine.

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We believe in a future that is truly sustainable – where technology unlocks new horizons and clean energy preserves our planet for every generation to come.

We are committed to enabling a safe supply of high-grade critical materials from extraction to processing, using the highest standards of environmental sustainability that make our operations the benchmark for mines of the future.
We will achieve this in partnership with local and First Nation communities, ensuring our success means progress for everyone.

We have producing assets in Australia, mining projects in Canada, a downstream integrated battery materials project in Western Australia, and a strong growth pipeline with exploration across both countries.


We are a values-driven business with a strong culture driven by our leaders and every member of our team.

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Our approach to Sustainability

Producing critical materials in a truly sustainable way is essential to enable a clean energy future. Our strategy is to deliver the greenest nickel in the world from our high-grade nickel sulphide ore

bodies. We are improving our sustainability position constantly and nimbly towards net zero so we can offer the market a clean nickel choice.