We are proud of our strong employee and stakeholder relationships, formed by more than 20 years of living and working in the Kambalda region.

Our People Strategy is defined by employee and company participation in our local and Ngadju and Marlinyu-Ghoorlie First Nation communities, including:

Local participation

Targeting employment to those in the Kambalda and Esperance regions, as well as being active supporters of STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths) education for young professionals in the regions where we operate.

Female participation

Driving equality for female participation in the workforce through rigorous recruitment processes, continuously building on our female participation rates and maintaining our zero gender pay gap for like-for-like positions.

Community engagement

Implementing community engagement practices to continue contributing to the Kambalda district by supporting aligned community activities.

Local procurement

Continuing to invest in the people of Western Australia by aiming for nearly 100 per cent of procurement spend back into the State and regional areas.


We are committed to setting ambitious and transparent sustainability goals, innovating through new technologies and collaborating with our stakeholders to drive progress that meaningfully impacts the environment.

We have high ambitions, endeavouring to achieve a net zero target by 2030 through strategic and practical methods, including:

Reducing our carbon footprint

Identifying and adopting new technologies to reduce our carbon footprint while maintaining our focus on mining high-grade sulphide ore bodies to produce the lowest carbon nickel. We have a small environmental footprint, with our Kambalda operations taking up just one per cent of our land holdings in the region.

Benchmarking for best practise

Undertaking benchmarking exercises to establish further opportunities for improvement in our Kambalda operations.

Mapping Scope 3 emissions

Mapping Scope 3 emissions and building our net zero roadmap to ensure a clear and actionable playbook for our teams.

Improving our facilities

Constructing a new accommodation village for our Southern Operations, representing a step change in experience for our Cassini-based teams. This includes a thoughtful, sustainable design that maintains a high level of comfort and amenity while offering a completely off-grid solution, in line with our net zero ambitions.

Water stewardship

Our water stewardship program ensures water is not discharged into areas of environmental fragility or drawn from artesian or stressed water sources.


We believe that the safest companies are the most productive. Focusing on safety first and foremost improves not only the health and wellbeing of our team but also our underlying business performance.

Our safety vision is that our people are trusted, trained, and motivated to apply our behaviours, systems and resources to achieve safe work outcomes. We must have a clear understanding of our safety standards and will fearlessly look for gaps to continuously improve our critical controls.

In this way, everyone will be able to work in a desirable and sustainable environment, where they are respected as part of the Wyloo family and can go home safely every day.


We uphold strong governance standards as outlined in our Code of Conduct, our operating system and reinforced by our Values.

Our key strategic focuses include:

Continuing to embed strong sustainability governance across the business.

Updating our material risks framework and sustainability program regularly to ensure it evolves with changing needs and maintains best practise.

Ensuring robust measurement in areas like carbon emissions so we can drive improvement internally and communicate our progress.

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