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Nickel is a critical mineral that is central to global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a clean energy future.

Our portfolio of assets is located in three of the world’s most prolific nickel belts in: Kambalda, Western Australia; the Cape-Smith Belt in Quebec, Canada; and the Ring of Fire region in Ontario, Canada. The geology in each of these regions enables us to produce high-grade, low-carbon nickel sulphide with the highest standards of sustainability.

Discovered and developed in the late 1960s, the Kambalda district is home to Australia’s first nickel mines, which have produced more than 1.6 million tonnes of nickel metal. Our Kambalda operations produce around 10,000 tonnes of high-grade nickel each year.

Eagle’s Nest in Ontario, Canada is one of the world’s best undeveloped nickel sulphide deposits located in the mineral-rich region of the Ring of Fire, which is home to one third of the minerals on Canada’s Critical Minerals list. Once developed, Eagle’s Nest is expected to produce 15,000 tonnes of nickel per year.

Through our diverse portfolio, we are focused on the full value chain from highly prospective exploration targets to brownfield extensions and existing mines. We are also investing in integrated downstream processing facilities to enable the supply and production of clean battery materials in the regions where we operate.


Driving efficiency and sustainability is central to everything we do, which is why we actively seek opportunities to deliver value across the supply chain.

This enables us to be more effective in the way we mine and produce nickel-based technologies and to deliver more value to the economies and communities where we operate.

Integrated Battery Material Facility

Kwinana, Western Australia

Downstream Battery Materials Processing Facility

Sudbury, Ontario


Wyloo takes its name from bedrock formation beneath our very first tenements.

Exploration and discovery are core to our DNA and we continue to passionately support exploration globally to discover the metals needed to build our future.

We have a deep appreciation for the important role exploration has in mining and have established a portfolio of projects that have the potential to host world-class discoveries.

We are strongly committed to growing our business through the discovery of new resources and actively look to apply for new tenure and partner with groups who have superior geological knowledge or access to land.

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