8 Mar 2024

‘Down-to-earth’ culture draws in Canada CFO

3 minutes read

Annie Sismanian

Wyloo Chief Financial Officer, Canada Annie Sismanian’s love affair with mining started in 2006, the second she stepped foot in the industry.

Now, almost two decades on, her adoration continues having worked across numerous organisations before joining Wyloo (previously, Ring of Fire Metals), in January 2023.

Annie is one of two chief financial officers at Wyloo, alongside Perth-based Chief Financial Officer Nanette Trask.

In recognition of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024, Annie shares what it is that she loves about working in mining and why it’s valuable to invest in women across the sector.

“I was told early in my career that because Canada excelled in mining, it was an industry I ‘had to’ get into. This stuck with me and some years later, I joined a mining company and I instantly knew this is where I belonged,” Annie said.

“As a globally significant industry, mining is highly complex and intertwines financial, political, environmental and technical aspects which I find fascinating. Most importantly, I enjoy working with the people, who are very down-to-earth, smart and hard-working.

“Life is about learning as much as you can every day, and I think mining is a fantastic place to learn and grow.”

She said her position as Wyloo CFO, Canada is a dual role of stewardship and performance.

“In my role today, I’m responsible for all aspects of financial management of our Canadian operations, including formulating and compiling budgets (and tracking against those budgets), providing stewardship of organisational assets, and obtaining information that can be used to add value and make strategic decisions,” she said.

“Beyond the job itself, it’s the people that I get to work with and our Values, which are deeply ingrained in everything we do, that make me enjoy working at Wyloo.”

Despite being encouraged to get into mining early in her career, Annie said women should get exposure to the industry far earlier.

“I think it’s important to start getting women exposed to mining-related careers in high school and university, especially on the technical engineering side, to ensure they are aware of mining as an option for their careers,” she said.

“We also need to start changing the narrative about the mining industry by focusing on all the good things the industry does and having more women in leadership positions, so that more women are interested in the field from a young age and can see what is possible.

“To support women in their careers, just as much as men, it’s important to invest in programs and training that help them progress in their careers and reach their full potential.”

Annie said International Women’s Day was about recognising women for who they are and the impact they’ve had and continue to have on the world.

“International Women’s Day isn’t about encouraging women to be ‘more like a man’ or wanting women to be recognised above men, it’s about gender equality and celebrating the contribution women make to our communities, workplaces and families,” she said.

“It’s a special day to reflect on our own accomplishments with gratitude and consider how we can pave the way for other women to be successful in future.”

Like many women in mining and finance, Annie is making incredible contributions to the industry and is paving the way for future generations.

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate and recognise the achievements of and contributions that women have made to our values-driven culture and the future of Wyloo and our communities.