22 Dec 2023

Inclusion and Diversity at Kambalda

2 minutes read

Supporting our workforce to be diverse, inclusive and flexible is an important goal at our Kambalda operations. We are proud to have achieved a well above industry average of 33per cent female participation in our workforce and 39 percent female representation at a Board and Executive Management level in FY22. We have also worked to close the gender pay gap, implementing rigorous remuneration frameworks to assess and reward individuals in like-for-like positions based on merit, not gender.

The Covid-19 pandemic also highlighted more than ever our need to adopt flexible work practices across our organisation, including site-based roles where it was safe and possible to do so. The use of technology, particularly video-based software was crucial in keeping our workforce visually connected during the pandemic, as were the regular health and wellbeing checks on the team by management.These practices carry on today, enabling employees to perform their roles from home when they need and are able to.

While flexible work arrangements are not always achievable for our site-based employees, we have developed a state-of-the-art Southern Operations Accommodation Village to support employees to reduce their travel time to and from site, lessening employee fatigue both at work and when they return home to their families.