14 Feb 2024

Safe and successful reopening of Esker Site

2 minutes read

Esker Site re-opening

We are pleased to report the safe and successful re-opening of our Esker Site in early January. The re-opening marks an important shift as we transition from an exploration-based camp to a project-focused site.

Our aim is to complete the characterization work and technical studies in delivering a definitive mine design by the end of the first quarter. This will enable us to advance environmental studies and permitting activities while also conducting a feasibility study as we further advance our Eagle’s Nest Project this year.

Esker spotlight: Mental Health Mondays

In fostering a positive and safe work environment, Esker Site starts each day with a Toolbox Safety
Meeting. This year, the team has also introduced themed days to highlight and bring awareness to
specific topics.

In a remote setting such as Esker Site, we understand that the work family often spends more time together than with their actual families, which can bring stress and anxiety to our team members.
To help address this and support our crew, we have introduced “Mental Health Mondays”. to provide a safe space for our team to engage in open and judgment-free conversations about mental health topics. The sessions begin with a short video discussing various subjects related to the impact on mental health resulting from remote work.

Following the video, the team engaged in a group discussion and each member had the opportunity to share their personal experiences.

The pilot presentation of Mental Health Mondays was a great success with enthusiastic participation. In a world where mental health affects nearly everyone, these discussions play a crucial role in fostering a supportive environment within our close-knit team.

What else is happening at Esker?

Esker Site also serves as a hub for various teams conducting research and technical studies.

Our environmental teams collect data year-round to track changes within the natural environment across the seasons. During winter, ice forms in local waterways around camp and our teams are committed to measuring ice thickness and collecting water quality samples.

This commitment is integral to our ongoing environmental studies, which also involves pinpointing streams that freeze solid.