Our Project

Developing world-class operations vital for the clean energy transition.

Our flagship Eagle’s Nest Project is one of the best undeveloped, high-grade nickel, copper and platinum group element deposits in the world.

We are advancing Eagle’s Nest in partnership with First Nation communities, incorporating industry-leading technologies to produce high-grade clean critical minerals needed for the clean energy transition.

Located 550 kilometres north of Thunder Bay, Eagle’s Nest will be Wyloo’s flagship critical minerals deposit mined in the region.

With sustainability at the heart of our design, we’re aiming to be a net zero emissions mine.

Radical Transparency

The glass box is intended to provide maximum transparency to stakeholders. We will provide real-time access to “whole of project” information to enable real-time compliance monitoring as well as robust implementation of adaptive management processes to communities and stakeholders.

Environmental monitoring

With feedback from First Nation communities, we diligently engage in environmental monitoring to assess and address the impact of our activities. Our aim is to avoid large bodies of water and enact a species-at-risk impact mitigation plan that has been developed by ecological consultants.

No tailings on surface

The first mine of its kind where 100 per cent of tailings will be stored underground, using these tailings to backfill underground voids created by extraction. Additionally, aggregate rock from the underground stopes can potentially provide material supplies for regional infrastructure.

Minimising surface disruption

This includes no surface quarries, no open pits, no waste rockpiles, and a mine plan that is designed mainly on uplands rather than on peat.

Process water recycling facilities

These will minimise total water usage and limit discharge of mine effluent back into waterways.

Small footprint

A modern mine design with a physical surface footprint of around one square kilometre.

Wyloo – Unearth. Innovate. Sustain.
Accessing underground ore via a twin decline (ramp). Ore to be transported from underground to surface via a conveyor in one of the portals.
Twin Portals
Accessing underground ore via a twin decline (ramp). Ore to be transported from underground to surface via a conveyor in one of the portals.
Twin Portals
Aggregate for surface infrastructure to be crushed and screened.
Aggregate Crushing Area
Process water to be recycled to minimise water discharge requirements.
Water Treatment Facility
Processing of ore to generate clean, high-grade nickel and copper concentrates.
Using tailings to generate cemented paste backfill for open voids created from underground mining activity.
Paste Fill Plant
Offices, warehouse, maintenance shops and laboratory buildings.
Star BG
Not to scale
Artist render
Aggregate Stopes & Underground Tailings Storage
Aggregate from underground stopes to potentially provide material for regional infrastructure. Stopes to be backfilled with processed tailings, eliminating the need for a tailings storage facility on surface and minimising environmental impact.
Eagle’s Nest Orebody
High-grade nickel, copper and platinum group element (PGE) mineralisation occurring in a vertical pipe-like structure, extending from near surface to a depth of over 1,600 metres – three times the size of the CN Tower. The orebody remains open at depth.
Underground Infrastructure
Twin ramps, conveyors, crushers and ancillary development to facilitate orebody access for mine extraction and backfill.

Our Values

Wyloo is driven by a set of values, core to who we are and how we operate each and every day.

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Courage & Determination





Generating Ideas



Stretch Targets



Eagle’s Eye is our quarterly community newsletter that provides updates on the work we are doing at Eagle’s Nest.


We acknowledge that the Eagle’s Nest Project is on the territory of the Anishnawbe people of Marten Falls First Nation and neighbours Webequie First Nation, both signatories to Treaty 9.

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